Dec 19

Exploring Technology

TechnologyWhat a wonderful world we live in! The technological advances we’ve made in the past few years have been amazing. Our parents and grandparents are seeing digital gadgets and technical gizmos that they never would have imagined possible in earlier years. Each year we make new leaps and bounds in scientific discovery. Who knows what cool new devices will be available to our children and grand children.

Further Tech-Xploration is made possible by contests and programs sponsored on both national and local levels. Summer space camps and other extracurricular activities help to ignite within our children and future generations a sense of excitement about the future fields of technology. Such programs help kids understand the importance of their normal curricular classes such as math, science, and computer-related subjects.

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Sep 11

Inventions that Stood the Test of Time

digital penWith so many new gadgets coming out each year, it’s safe to say that technology is an ever changing world all its own. From televisions to computers, from tablets to cell phones and even phablets, our modern society enjoys the luxuries of advanced engineering on a daily basis. But where did it all really start? The truth is that if it weren’t for inventions from days old, we wouldn’t have any of the great technology that we have become so reliant upon today.

There have been a plethora of inventions over the years that are still widely used today, even though some of them may presently be in an altered form. The wheel, for instance, started out centuries ago as a primitive chiseled stone, and now has become so advanced that it provides safety for the passengers it helps to carry along. Another great example is the light bulb, which for the most part hasn’t changed much in the years since it was patented in 1879. That’s the mark of quality engineering – inventions that stand the test of time.

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Jan 27

New Superfast Speeds Tested Across The World

Rate of Technology IncreasesNew superfast broadband speeds are currently being tested across the world. With news that Korea is investing heavily in the next wave of mobile internet communications and that over one terabyte download speeds have been achieve in the UK, the world is moving towards a world in which super-fast internet is the standard for many people. This is great news especially when you take into account that one of the biggest limitations found in modern technology is the speed at which information is transmitted. With both download and upload speeds reaching untold heights, the possibilities which this offers for businesses are plentiful, but exactly how can this new wave of high speed access change the way in which business is conducted throughout the world?

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Mar 18

Why hire a freelancer to keep up with technology?

It’s hard to keep up with technological developments sometimes. I’m a professional coder and web developer, and while I’m well-known and respected in this particular field, even I struggle to keep up with every little change, development and technological advancement. I think it takes a real professional to admit that they don’t know everything. In this post, I’ll give you some advice on where to find the experts that can fill the gaps in your knowledge.

Why hire someone to help you?

Many developers don’t like hiring someone else to help them. This is either because of pride (or sometimes ignorance that they need help, which is worse) or because they do not want to spend the money. Look, I get it. When you’re a freelancer, you are the one getting hired, why would you want to split your income with someone else? Well, there’s plenty of reasons. The most important of which is delivering the best value to your clients. My work is excellent and state of the art, because I’m not afraid to admit I need to hire someone to help once in a while. Sometimes it’s a professional coder, well versed in a coding language I’m not very familiar with, and sometimes it might be a graphic designer. Every single time I bring someone into my team, the quality of the work skyrockets.

Where to hire the right people?

So you’re convinced you can’t do it all alone, and you’ve seen the benefits of hiring outside expertise? Let’s take a look at where you can easily and quickly find the expertise necessary. I frequently use websites such as or to hire someone talented. The benefit on these websites is that each freelancer has his details, portfolio, and previous customer feedback on one easy to view page. It’s like a shop, but for freelancers. This allows you to select the appropriate person, based on his experience, skills and previous work very quickly.

These websites are great for small projects, and some users are verified, which gives more security to the user. But when I’m looking for someone to work with on a larger project, or on a longer term basis, then I need more verification that this user can be trusted. I generally use a background check service such as Instant Checkmate. In my experience, Instant Checkmate is the best background check service online. They allow you to make sure the freelancer, or anyone else you want to search for, does not have a criminal background, and that the person is who they say they are. This is important when dealing with people on the Internet in different countries. You never know who you’re speaking to. It’s a must for me when I’m paying someone upfront for their services, as it really does reduce my risk. If you’re wondering whether a service such as Instant Checkmate is safe to use; we’ve looked into the safety and found that this website has been verified by Norton security as fraud free and virus free.

So now that you know why to hire a freelancer, and how to hire the best one for the job, I’m sure you’ll find it easier to keep up with the latest technological advancements.

Mar 10

Tech Sharp:  The Technology Behind Electric Knife Sharpeners

With most knife sets comes a steel rod that people mostly ignore. The steel rod has a purpose though besides poking people you don’t like.  It is the recommended and provided way for you to keep your knives sharp.  Using the steel rod is considered manual knife sharpening.  The opposite to manual knife sharpening is electric.  Many restaurants use electric knife sharpeners to quickly sharpen a large number of blades just prior to or after a meal rush.  Saving time and energy, these sharpeners come with a number of advantages and disadvantages, creating a healthy discussion in their wake.

What people rarely ask however is what technology makes up an electric knife sharpener.  Is the tech reliable, and will it last as long as people suggest?  Lets take a moment to review exactly how an electric knife sharpener works.

It All Starts With Electricity 

Depending on the model, once you plug your electric knife sharpener into the wall, one of several things will happen.  On models that have only a single engine, the electricity will be used to power a series of wheels that eventually connect to a circular grinding stone.  Designed to build up power quickly, the electricity is directly used to spin these grinding wheels as quickly as possible.  On models with more then one stone, a separate machine may be used to create the power to turn the wheel.  Voltage is usually somewhere around 120 volts.

The Grinding Wheels 

Grinding wheels are made from a number of different materials.  More often then not, the type of grinding wheel used will determine how good the electric knife sharpening tool is.  Sappherite is a trusted material in the industry.  Sharpeners usually come with a number of different stages used to slowly sharpen a dull blade.  Rougher stones are used to create a sharper edge while fine stones are used to turn that edge into the sharpest possible edge.


So how long should you keep the blade in?  This question is more often then not answered by the appliance itself, which will inform you when it is time to remove the knife from the sharpener.  In addition, it may provide an easy to follow guide that allows for quick and precise sharpening.

What It Call Comes Down To 

When you are looking for quality, it ultimately comes down to tech used in your electric knife sharpener.  Those appliances that are cheaper will skip on better parts and as a result will have a higher chance of failing.  In addition, these models will also provide a worse job sharpening your knives.  In the end, it all comes down to you getting exactly what you pay for.  The cheaper you go, the cheaper of a sharpening you can expect.  As a result, you should not consider getting an electric knife sharpener unless you are willing to go all out and get a nice model.

Mar 05

Archery Training is Now Possible with Simulated Games Online

If you wish to be better at archery, you need to practice on the field and online too.

There is no doubt that almost everything can be done online these days. One of them is practicing for a particular sport. This might seem crazy as online games are nothing compared with actual sports, but they somehow work. Whether you are a professional archer or you still train to be one, you can now do it with the help of simulated games online. They will make you feel as if you are on the field with your crossbow and playing the sport.

How the games help

There are different types of game simulation that you can download online. Most of these games will train you to focus hitting a target. As the level increases, the difficulty also increases. Therefore, it helps you to stay focused when you are on the actual field. Furthermore, there are games with different elements being thrown at you. This increases the difficulty of the game. Sometimes, you just can’t hit the target at all because of these limitations. This will teach you to become more patient. In the actual game, you will also experiences lots of problems. Therefore, hitting a target is not as easy as you think it is. When you are patient enough, then you can endure those challenges.

There are games that focus on timing and precision. These two skills are necessary when you play the actual game. Thus, if you have trained to be more precise and on-time while playing online games, you become more of an expert on the field. Finally, those online simulations are all about hitting the target. You need to have endurance, strength and agility. All these skills are required in archery. Thus, you can benefit a lot if you practice them using the online games. The best part is that you can play any time you want and continue practicing. Even if it is raining outside and you can’t be on the field, the training continues.

Actual practice still helps

Even if these online games are considered breakthroughs in archery training, nothing matches actual games. Therefore, if you really want to be an expert in archery, you need to spend more time practicing outside. It also helps a lot that you have the best equipment with you. If you are a beginner or if you think you need the best crossbow, you can visit this. By then, you will find it easier to practice since you have the best equipment with you. If you think you cannot decide on what equipment to use, you can read more about recurve bow reviews at

Set a goal and manage your time

Playing an online version of an actual archery game can be fun. However, you must not devote your entire time playing online. It can hurt your chances of improving in real archery. If possible, you need to set a goal in order to manage your time really well. You have to give enough time training online and on the field. If you are really passionate about this, you will succeed in no time.

Mar 05

E-cigarettes are a Breakthrough for Smokers

E-cigarettes are a perfect alternative traditional cigarettes and is considered a breakthrough.

Have you always wanted to stop smoking, but you just can’t? Do you feel annoyed just because you want to smoke, but other people feel bad if you smoke in front of them? Do you feel guilty that you smoke a lot and you just can’t stop it? Well, if you say yes to all these questions, then brace yourself for the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. With these alternates, you can now go on smoking minus the guilt and all the health risks.

The best alternative

When you go for e-cigs, you will feel great knowing that you don’t harm yourself in any way. E-cigs still contain chemicals, but not as much as regular cigarettes. They also don’t release actual smoke in the air. Instead, water vapor is being released. It means that you don’t harm anyone during the process. It is also great in a sense that you don’t harm the environment as well. Take note that smoke can cause air pollution especially since there are millions of other smokers out there. Imagine if all of you shift to e-cigs. Air pollution will most likely be lessened. Thus, you free yourself from all these harmful chemicals and at the same time, you don’t annoy other people or even pose health risk on them. Most of all, you contribute in lessening air pollution and pollution caused by cigarette butts. Thus, all the guilt feelings you have had before are now gone with the help of e-cigarettes.

A great buy

Using e-cigs is perfect if you don’t want to waste money buying cigarettes every day. It comes on a package with a battery on the end of the stick. This battery can be removed from the stick and be charged when not in use. Therefore, you can save a lot of money even if the original package is expensive. Since it can be used over and over again, you only have to spend once.

You just have to refill the juice, which serves as the base of the cigarettes. However, this juice can last for a very long time. They also come in different flavors. Thus, your smoking experience becomes even more exciting. If you wish to get the best e liquid, you can check this out here. You can also check out more of the best e juice information at .

A continuous change

It might take time to adjust to the e-cigs. You might still search for traditional cigarettes, and this is just fine. It really takes time to adjust to anything that you are not used to before. However, just give it a try and you will see the results soon. The best part is that if you can see how effective the cigarettes are, you will not look for traditional cigarettes anymore. You should also think of all the benefits that you can get out of those cigarettes. There are also more researches being done on e-cigs so they can imitate the taste of traditional cigarettes as much as possible and people won’t think of going back to traditional cigarettes ever again.

Mar 04

A Breakthrough in Kitchen Faucet Technology

Kitchen faucets are extremely valuable. You need them when doing almost all kitchen chores. However, sometimes it can be very tiring to use them. You have to keep on turning them on and off. You also have to adjust the flow of the water every time, depending on your need. If your kitchen sink does not match your height, it might be a bit uncomfortable to use the faucet. The good thing is that a new faucet design has been created to help make everything easier for you. This is the Karbon kitchen faucet. This type of faucet combines functionality and design. When you don’t have one at home, read on and you will surely change your mind.

A modern design

The design of this kitchen faucet was inspired by construction equipment with articulating joints. It makes the use of the device a lot easier and more flexible. It looks really modern and outstanding. However, aside from its modern appearance, it has tons of other uses in the kitchen.

The faucet also utilizes textured carbon fiber. This helps increase the unique visual appeal of the material. For those who are in search of items that will match a contemporary kitchen theme, this is the perfect choice for you.

Best features

The good thing about using this faucet is that it allows the person using it to maintain the exact position where it was last used, whether it is inside or outside the sink. Thus, it makes any task easier. Whether you are cleaning the dishes or just scraping dirt out of the sink, everything becomes a lot faster.

Another reason for using this faucet is that there are sprays and aerated flow options. This means that there is no more need for a side spray. It makes the faucet more flexible and at the same time, it becomes easier to clean.

Constructing this faucet combines the use of traditional brass and tubing made from carbon fiber composite.  Carbon fiber is used since its strength is incredible without being heavy. This allows swift movement and maximum function. There are also joints connections the sections of the faucet. Aside from being really cool to look at, it also allows resistance in supporting the spout but everything is effortless and smooth.

Meant to last for a long time

This might seem like an expensive investment, but definitely worth it. The item is really durable. Even with constant use, you are assured that it will still work just fine. It also comes with a warranty. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. Once you have started using this faucet, you can safely say that it is worth the investment.

On the other hand, if you wish to look for more options, you can read about kitchen faucet reviews at You might also expand your research by reading about kitchen sink reviews in this site. Rest assured, whatever decision you make in the end, it will be a great one. Just make sure you carefully study the options and determine the perfect faucet for the kitchen.

Mar 01

You Can Study Law Online Now

Studying law can now be done online at your own pace and time.

Do you remember when you were still young and you were asked what you want to be when you grow up? Perhaps, you have thought about becoming a lawyer. However, as you grew older, this dream started to fade away. Of course, you have realized just how difficult it is to be a lawyer. You have to undergo years of study and pass the bar exam. When you can study other fields and earn the same amount or even more, you really don’t think studying law is necessary.

Well, at this point, you might have already buried your dreams of becoming a lawyer. What if you can now study law online? Will you give it a shot?

A breakthrough in law school

Just a few years ago, prominent law schools were given the chance to open up a distance learning program. It means that those who wish to study law do not have to go to a regular law school anymore. They can enroll online, receive their modules online and take the exercises online. Once they have finished the courses, they have a choice of either reviewing for the bar exam online or on an actual review center. With this as an option, you can now revive your plans of becoming a lawyer.

The reason why you don’t want to push for a degree in law is because you are afraid you won’t have enough time. You have a full time job, your family and many other tasks. With an online degree, you can study at your own pace and at your most convenient time. You can also ask questions from your professors even if you don’t meet them physically.

Find the best school

This is a recent development. This means that there are not so many law schools that are accredited. It is important that you choose the right law school. They need to have a strong record as a law school to begin with. You must also check if they have accreditation or if they are even allowed to operate an online course. Furthermore, you have to check if they have graduates of the online course who have been successful. To top it all, you need to check if your can afford the course. If you wish to finish the course without spending a lot, you can check out the cheapest law schools here.

Prepare yourself

When you have finally decided to embark on this journey, you have to be fully prepared. You need to be mentally and physically ready for the challenge. It can be very mentally draining. It can also take a lot of your time. You need to adjust your schedules now and make sure that you don’t sacrifice anything. If you have a current full time job, and you think you won’t have enough money to send yourself to a law school, then you need to take extra jobs. Enroll at University of Subway through this site and you can work in this fast food chain as a part time job.

With hard work and good time management, you can finish this course soon.

Feb 26

Fuzzy Logic Technology in Rice Cookers

Fuzzy logic is a strange name for computer related technology.  But, often when you hear the word fuzzy, you think about something being “warm and fuzzy.” In a way that term fits, because fuzzy logic technology gives your rice cooker a human touch.

What is Fuzzy Logic?

This technology has been researched since the 1920s.  It is known as a many-valued logic which means it has more than two truth values.  Traditionally, truth values were known to be true, false, or unknown.  Fuzzy logic uses reasoning, and is not exact, but approximate.  You can also think of the word fuzzy as not clear or fixed.  This logic deals with degrees of truth and is based on mathematical sets. For example, when you think of a feline, you think of a cat.  But, a lion is also part of the cat family, to a degree.  It is still a cat, but a big, wild cat.  So, it is true to a degree.

Fuzzy logic in rice cookers enables the cooker to function with a human element.  A computer chip is built into the cooker which enables it to adjust temperature and cooking time according to what type of rice you are cooking, and the status of the rice as it cooks.  Most rice cookers without this feature can only cook your rice one way. That means your rice may be overcooked, undercooked, mushy or dry.  The cooker is set up to cook one way and that is what it does.  It does not adjust temperatures and time if your rice is not cooking correctly.  It is precise and leaves no room for flexibility, whereas fuzzy logic cookers use the if/then rule.

Cookers with fuzzy logic can reason.  They use the concept, “if the rice is cooking too fast, then the element needs to be turned down.” The element might not need to be turned down to a certain setting, but maybe just slightly or almost near low.  A fuzzy logic cooker can deduce that by using mathematical equations.  The cooker does the thinking for you so that you can take care of other chores, or just relax and read a book if you like.  It also does things like soak the rice before warming the water up.  You won’t have to keep checking on your rice, or worry about it cooking properly, and you will have perfect rice each time you cook it.

Benefits  of Fuzzy Logic

Rice cookers with fuzzy logic technology are some of the best on the market.  Your rice will be tastier and the texture will be consistent each time you cook it.  Most cookers with this technology also have the keep warm function which automatically shuts off the rice after it is finished cooking, and keeps it warm for a period of time after.

Manufacturers continue to develop rice cookers using this logic because they realize that it increases versatility in the kitchen.  You now have more options for cooking different kinds of rice as well as other foods like steamed vegetables.

Feb 17

Personal Story: How I Found My Niche

I have always been known as somewhat of a geek.  Even in junior high and high school while my friends were going to prom and flirting with the opposite sex, I was content to sit and contemplate a new computer software or technical problem.  I was determined to go to school for computer engineering after I graduated, even though my parents were not that keen on the idea.  They felt that it was not a good field for a woman.

Well, 20 years later, they can’t stop telling me how proud they are of me, and my friends are wishing they could afford my lifestyle.  After receiving my engineering degree, I was quickly swooped up by a Fortune 500 company where I worked on some of their top accounts.  One of their biggest clients was a company that developed bows and I became fascinated with the technology behind the bows.  At first these systems were crudely designed, but the concept still worked.  So for me, it’s exciting to see how far we have come with the design of these bows.

Although the organization I worked for was awesome, I had been restless for some time thinking about opening up my own consulting business.  I met many people along the way who often told me that if I ever became self-employed to let them know, and they would gladly give me their business.  So I laid the groundwork and developed a step by step plan to become self-employed.  I began consulting on the side until eventually I was doing well enough to leave my job and join the world of entrepreneurs.

I immediately focused on crossbows and compound bows.  I especially loved working with the cam systems on the compound bow.  Many of my clients are hunters and archery enthusiasts, and I work with them on the best design to fit their situation.  I also work with a number of manufacturing companies to design their bows.  I provide guidance with things like draw length and weight, installing cables, and wheel timing.  I show them how the hybrid cam system provides a higher level of speed.  The hybrid system has a two-track cam on the top limb, and a three track cam on the bottom.  The computer technology that I use makes the cams easily adjustable across a wide range of draw lengths.

I work with any cam system, including binary and single.  My clients tell me what they want the end result to be, and I deal with the specs.  I work with kinetic energy, axles, IBO speed, and anything else it takes to get the most powerful bows on the market.  Not only powerful, but lightweight, accurate, and fast!

Some of my clients who see me for the first time wonder, what does this petite woman know about compound and crossbows?  I always get a good chuckle from that.  But, by the time I finish putting my skills to work, they have some of the biggest, baddest bows on the market, and they are most appreciative!  Self-employment has its challenges, but overall I can truly say it has been a rewarding experience.

Feb 10

Using Soccer to Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness in Africa

If there is one thing most Africans are passionate of, it is soccer. Africans from all walks of life are interested in this game and a lot of guys train at a very young age. This is also the reason why a lot of African countries have been doing well in this sport even if they have not been doing well in other fields. In fact, for several Africans, finding joy in playing and watching soccer is more than enough to ease the pain that they carry with them given all the problems being faced. There is the problem on poverty, lack of proper nutrition and many more. The worst enemy of Africa for a long time now is HIV/AIDS. A lot of Africans have lost to this battle already and many more babies are being born each day and have already acquired the disease since their parents have it.

This problem might seem endless especially because a lot of Africans are not really aware about the disease. Many of them have not even been tested. There are also those who don’t know how it can be avoided. The lack of education amongst many Africans can be blamed for this problem. This is why a lot of awareness campaigns have been launched to solve it.

Soccer as a tool for HIV/AIDS awareness

In order to get the attention of the people, some experts have used soccer to raise AIDS awareness. It started as a campaign in Zambia. Tommy Clark who is also a soccer enthusiast, used the game to ensure that the people will listen to him. The process is quite simple. Using a team, they will demonstrate certain soccer moves and relate it to HIV. The team will present the moves and explain to the audience how it can be related to getting the disease and how the disease can be prevented.

When this program was launched, a lot of Africans listened and were entertained by it. They also understood the concept better. They were glued to the whole show and a lot of them were even seen taking notes. Questions have also been asked during the program. This totally got their interest. The best part is that right after the show, a lot of them showed interest in getting tested. After the program, around 60% of the graduates got tested right away. In comparison, this figure is a lot higher than the national rate, which is only 13%. Given the success of the program, it was launched in many more countries.

The power of education

This program goes to show that with the right tools, educating Africans about HIV can be easy. There are a lot of ways that can now be maximized to gain the attention of the people, especially the youth. In fact, there have been several versions created in other countries where sports are used to capture people’s interest. They also provide an epic soccer training for free just like this to ensure that the youth’s attention will remain the same.

Aside from HIV awareness campaign, Africa also needs better drinking water. If you want to read this reviews of the Alkaluz 2507, visit for more information. This will give you more idea on how drinking water can be improved.

Feb 07

Top 3 Tech Items for Crossfitters in 2015

If you enjoy working out and like new technology, then a combination of them both is always intriguing. The fitness technology market is exploding as we speak and at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the fitness tech department was even given its own section!

In 2014 I started CrossFit, a combination of workouts aimed at anyone and everyone that wants to take their fitness levels to the next level. The training is hard and the attendees are dedicated. My mission is to find a range of useful fitness tech that can help my fellow CrossFitters become even fitter, or just happier.

Fitbit Surge

The latest Fitbit watch, the Fitbit Surge, is described by the manufacturer as being “a super-watch.” With built in GPS it’s able to track distance, speed, time and route mapping. The watch also has heart rate tracking and calculates the number of calories burned (no matter what exercise you are doing).
The super-watch syncs the information during or after each activity to your phone, enabling you to keep track of all kinds of stats, records and additional data calculations.
If you compare the other wearable devices on the market, the Fitbit Surge is highly advanced and the price tag is justified.


I love listening to music during my workouts and I don’t think I would do half as many miles running if I couldn’t listen to a DJ mixing some lush club beats. The problem with combining music and WOD workouts has always been wires — you need a connection between your headphones and device, but the wires become caught in your movements or you have to hide the wires under clothing. It’s inevitable that at some point the wires will remove the headphones from your ear.

Freewavz offers a completely wire-free music experience and they are compatible with any device. One other aspect is fitness monitoring — not that important if you have some other type of monitor, but pretty impressive for a set of headphones.

The sound quality is excellent and the concept works. Long gone are the days of worrying about headphone displacement. Now, you can just focus on your workout.


A big failure of most people when it comes to fitness is a poor diet. Your diet is even more important than the workout itself! My own diet isn’t too bad because my wife keeps me in check, however she isn’t always around and this is when my diet suffers.

BitBite aims to improve everyone’s diet with a new wearable technology that fits into your ear, but it has been designed to still give airflow, unlike a traditional headphone. You are also given an extension that clips onto your person in case you don’t like the ear placement.
The BitBite is able to analyze your chewing and the food you intake to calculate an accurate assessment of your diet during the course of the day. The only downside is you have to tell the device what you are eating, but this is easily done with speech.

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